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Have you ever wondered about the lives of the people who once lived in your house? Who were they? What did they accomplish? What was life like for them?


The walls of a house encapsulate decades of love, heartbreak, life, death, joy, and sadness. Perhaps children were born in the house, engagement parties were enjoyed, unspeakable tragedies occurred or historic moments were made.


  • Year the house was built

  • Historical maps before & after the house was built, sometimes showing ownership of the tract or lot

  • Info about each resident who lived there, including names, vitals, occupations, and important events

  • Censuses, vital records, obituaries, burial info, directory listings, military records, passenger lists, passport photos...

  • Newspaper mentions of each resident, including birth/marriage/death announcements, occupational achievements, social activities, school activity, crime reports, and more.

A chronological summary is created from all the information found. You'll receive a Dropbox link where you will be able to download all files and images found, along with the summary.​

Click the Dropbox icon to view an example:

Dropbox icon


  • Build a new family tree

  • Extend your family tree

  • Find living relatives

  • Solve family mysteries

  • Family tree chart posters

  • Family history photobook

  • Ancestor story maps - see example here (optimized for desktop)

You are good! I am so very excited! Thank goodness you found what you did as some of my family members have gone off in another direction. I can tell you love what you do and would very much love to keep in touch!

J. Walters (Hackettstown, NJ)

You found my biological father! I can't thank you enough for your help as this is the link I needed. Thank you! I'm amazed that this 20 year search has ended because of your work!

K. Garcia (Bloomfield, NJ)

Let's dig to find your roots!

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